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4 Bograshov Str,

Tel-Aviv Jaffa



054 286 0809


One on One Therapy 

Using a personable, client-centred approach, I offer short, medium and long-term therapy to individuals wanting to make positive changes in their lives. The dynamic way in which I work builds a trusting and safe environment in which clients can explore their inner world and focus on ways to create a positive ‘now.'

​Group Work 

Therapeutic group work offers a unique opportunity for people to share and explore personal issues in a safe and containing environment. I facilitate groups to gain confidence and strength through peer support and participation. Group work can be a powerful tool for prevention and exploration work, especially with young people and staff dynamics.














Volunteering abroad or working as a madrich (youth counsellor) can be daunting and stressful. My consultation service offers time and space for individuals/groups to reflect on their work and identify personal issues that arise as a consequence of their role.

I offer video conferencing options at discounted prices for one-on-one therapy sessions as well as consultations. 

Theraputic methods I offer are:


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:  This model focuses on the way we think (cognitive) and act (behavioural). CBT helps us to understand and change our negative thought patterns, feelings and behaviours, therefore producing new methods of coping with anxieties or daily struggles.


Psychodynamic Therapy:  Helps clients to review emotions and early life experiences/beliefs in order to understand present-day difficulties, emotional struggles &  behavioural patterns. Through this recognition, new tools can be identified to reduce avoiding situations and change negative behaviours that have become the normal way of coping


Systemic Theory: This approach enables a group to understand each member’s role and how it affects the functioning of the whole group. Used in organizations, families, couples or communities, this technique idetifies how individuals can adapt their own responses and behaviour in order to improve how the group functions.


Group Dynamics: Effectiveness of groups diminish when dynamics are poor. My work assists groups to examine their individual roles and relationships. In doing so, the group tackles communication breakdown and refines responsibilities and roles so that each member feels confident and assured of his/her place in the group.

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