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4 Bograshov Str,

Tel-Aviv Jaffa



054 286 0809

Therapy opened the door to my inner self 

and helped me connect to the ‘real’ me. I

no longer live in fear and pain, instead

confronting the challenges of life with

hope, expectation and positivity. Therapy

has given me the tools to create the life

I want for myself.



Lauren was the first person to really stick by me, no matter what I did or what I said. She taught me that it is possible to trust and to believe that I can have positive relationships.

- Amy, 17

When I met lauren, I was in a really bad place in life - drugs and prison were my life pattern at the time. In the 2.5 years that I worked with Lauren, she gave me hope and belief in myself and helped me to become the person I didn't think was possible. 

- Jamie, 20

Lauren worked with my 13 year old daughter for a year and a half in which time she helped her develop confidence and identity. She helped her see how her destructive behaviour was harmful and heading towards a more serious path. Thanks to Lauren, Emma is now attending school, enjoying her life and not partaking in self destructive behaviours of before. 

- Amanda, 43
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